CompTIA Server+ Practice Test 2 SK0-003

CompTIA Server+ Practice Test 2 SK0-003

Where is the first place you should go to check the hardware compatibility for a network OS?


To enable individual PCI slots to be turned on and off independently and also allow PCI cards to be added or removed without having reboot use


Which TCP/IP utility would you use to set the IP config  in Linux?


The height of a 1U server chassis is


CAT5 cables use


Which server applications is the most important?


The bandwidth for a PCI slot that has a 64-bit PCI bus working at 66MHz is


An extra microprocessor is installed on a server running an SMP-capable NOS. It doesn’t recognize the CPU when it reboots.  The solution is most likely


The most important factor in choosing the baseline for a server is


What server can give  a wide variety of services like  e-mail, file, and web services?


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