Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Exam 1 CEH (312-50)

Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Exam 1 CEH (312-50)

________________ involves looking in the trash for information written on pieces of paper or computer printouts. The hacker can often find passwords, file names, or other pieces of confidential information.


__________________is a Trojan that can be configured to notify a hacker when the infected computer connects to the Internet and can tell the hacker information about the system. This notification can be done over an IRC network, by ICQ, or by email.


Which of the below tools is used for data-cleansing system for Windows PCs. It prevents unwanteddata from becoming permanently hidden in the system. It cleans the Recycle Bin, Internetcache, system files, temp folders, and so on


Polymorphic viruses are ________________________________


Sending to much information to a filed variable in an application, causing the application to throw an error is called ______________ attack


The nmap command has numerous switches to perform different types of scans. Which of these is used for SYN Scan?


_____________________ is a method that involves using the MAC address of the network gateway andconsequently receiving all traffic intended for the gateway on the sniffer system.


__________________________ are the malicious hackers or crackers who use their skills for illegal and malicious purposes.


____________ defined as the process of creating a blueprint or map of an organization’s network and systems. It begins by determining the target system, application, or physical location of the target.


A hacker’s goal is to exploit vulnerabilities in a system or network to find a weakness in one or more of the three main elements of security. Which among these are the main elements of Security?


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