Quiz 3

Can you implement firewall in a router?


In a large data centre, who is most likely to be responsible to manage the security issues?


If you have choose 1/3 and ¼ in switch A and 0/8 and 0/11 in Switch B to make layer to ether channel, can this channel be formed in this case?


What is a network?


What is inter vlan routing?


How Layer two devices are connected with each other in a network?


What OSI layers are involved in using MLS switches?


You say that your switch port 0/12 is consistently going up and down, what will you do first to resolve this issue?


To connect two switches what is the most likely standard to be involved?


You are hired by University of East London to manage their network area infrastructure only. What will you do to make system secure and provide only access to required information for students?


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