Free CWNA Practice Exam 1

Your task is to configure building-to-building connectivity, what the term building-to-building means?


The technology used for narrow band radio system is?


Who regulates the wireless LAN devices?


You have been hired to attach Building A with Building B and C of University of Crumbia with wireless connection. There are totally 3 buildings of UOC. Building A is the core; Building B is for staff only and building C is for cafeteria. Which building-to-building technology is used in this case?


From the following, which of the thing make problem when connecting WISP to end user?


In a large complex network, do you think that wireless technology can handle tremendous amount incoming/outgoing traffic?


You lived in a rural area. The cable and Telco’s companies having difficulties expanding their network to offer broadband connection to you. Which provider should be consulted for wireless to give you access of broadband?


Transceiver is the combination of two things, what are those?


In point to multipoint, which antenna do they use?


At which layer does wireless LAN are primarily deployed?


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