DTE ( Data Terminal Equipment)

DTE ( Data Terminal Equipment)

The data terminal equipment is the end instrument that is used to convert user input into digital signals and vice versa.  The DTE can also be referred to as tail circuits.  This device communicates with the DCE(Data Communications Equipment) typically a modem.

The data terminal equipment is a high speed serial interface that has the ability to support both higher data rates and connectivity between data communications equipment.  This is primarily done over digital coaxial cable lines.

The data terminal equipment serves as the functional part of the data station which can be referred to as the data sink.  This is where the data will originate, or it’s source.  It also allows for the data communication control function to be performed.

There can be many different configurations of data terminal equipment it can be a simple laptop, or it can be a number of different devices connected together.  An example of this would be a computer, printer, and an external hard drive all connected and having the ability to each send information to the data communications equipment.

For an example, you turn on your computer and have a memo to write for your company.  You open up a word document, type out the memo and proceed to send the memo in an email as an attachment. When you click send, your computer becomes the data terminal equipment.

That message is sent from your computer (the DTE) to your boss’s computer.  Your boss’s computer then becomes another data terminal equipment device.  When your boss opens up the email and downloads the attachment to view the memo, his computer, now the DTE digitally converts the email attachment and opens it in a word document so your boss can read the memo.

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