Top Computer Hardware Certifications in 2014

Top Computer Hardware Certifications in 2014

Being a computer technician is a great entry point if you wish to have a career in the IT industry. However, just by having a skill set won’t guarantee you will get the expected career and salary, you have to be able to prove your knowledge and competency in the field. The effective way for you to do that is by getting computer hardware certifications that will show your competency in maintaining computers, mobile devices, printers, and many more.

The skill set in demand usually change every year even though some of them remain the same. Following are the top computer hardware certifications in 2014 that will help you get a better career in the IT industry:

CompTIA A+

This certification has been around for a while and still in demand today. It’s also the most popular hardware certification, so obviously it’s should be on your priority list. Today, this certification is still mentioned in a lot of job postings for PC technician as one of the qualifications.

Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT)

Apple is a huge brand that controls a huge market share. Along with the penetration of their computers into business places as well as homes, the demand for Mac-savvy computer technicians is also increasing. With the ACMT you no longer need to have several different certifications related to the Apple hardware. Apple has a curriculum to train their support technicians, their authorized service, their store employees, and also their repair partners. So the curriculum includes all aspects of Apple devices, hardware, and software. ACMT has the similar curriculum that includes all aspects of Apple hardware, so it can verify your ability in performing troubleshooting and repair on different Apple platforms.

CompTIA Server+

This certification will let you step up from a basic PC hardware technician to a computer server technician. Networking topics are usually more demanding that’s why this kind of certification can get you a job with a better salary. You will go beyond the basic topics covering advanced storage systems, IT environments and disaster recovery. This certification also focuses on the best practice of problem diagnosing and troubleshooting. some big companies including Lenovo, HP, Xerox, and IBM require CompTIA Server+ certification for their server technicians.

Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (CWTS)

This certification includes the areas of security, analysis, and wireless networking design for administrator and expert level technicians. It’s considered as the entry level credential for the Wireless Networking Professional program.

BICSI ITS Technician

BICSI is a professional association that supports the Information Technology Systems (ITS) industry, covering the fields of project management, security and electronic safety, voice, data, also video and audio. Besides certification, BICSI also provides training for technicians, designers, and installers.

For a successful career in the IT industry and better salary, those five certifications really worth your consideration. Get all of those top computer hardware certifications if you can, but even just a few of them will make you gain more acknowledgment as a computer technician.

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