Authentication Protocols

Authentication Protocols

Authentication protocols are basically a log in for a website or server.  For example when you go to your favorite website and log in you have to use your password and username.

These are used to ensure that you are who you say you are.  There are a few other protocols that are attached to the authentication protocols for the cases of a lost password or lost user name.  I’m sure you will be familiar with these if you have ever forgotten your user name or password.

The first of these is to use an email retrieval to either reset or retrieve your password or user name.  With this protocol, you would enter your email and the software would search the database and find your account using your email address.

The software would then send your log in credentials (user name and/or password) to your email address.  The reason this makes this a secure form of resetting or retrieving your password and/or user name is because you are the only one that would have access to that email inbox.

The second protocol would be the security questions protocol.  This protocol uses preset questions and answers that you would have set up during the creation of your account.  You would answer a series of questions and all answers must match what was predetermined by you.

Some questions that may be used for this process could consist of, your social security number, your first job, the name of your first boss, the name of your first pet or your mother’s maiden name.

Using this is a secure form of identification because you are the only one that would have the answers to these questions.  Some protocols may use 2yr

3, or 4 for secure log in retrieval authentication.

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