Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS)

Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS)

Remote authentication Dial In User Services can be compared to a website log in access.  This RADIUS allows for user data to be stored on a single platform but allows access to shared remote servers.

This allows a single administrator to be able to make adjustments in user data such as mailing lists, billing information and services, and uploading and downloading restrictions per user authentication.

It provides better security by allowing a company to set up, manage, and enforce policies from a central service.  This also helps when tracking statistics for a website or server.

Bandwidth can be better tracked, and visitors can be traced to ensure that the visitors are ones that should be on the system and not someone trying to hack the system.

The administrator can also restrict how many times an IP address can attempt to log into the system before that IP is locked out of the system.  The administrator can also determine how long that IP will be locked out of the system before allowing more attempts to enter the system.

All of this makes systems administration, access controlling, profile management much easier and far less time consuming than having separate databases for each of these tasks.

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