A router is a device that forwards data packets along networks.  A router basically serves as a traffic cop.  It directs data packets to their final destination by reading the address information in the packet.  On the internet, data packets are transferred from one router to another.

The most familiar routers are the ones that we use in our homes every day.  These may be wired routers where the computer or device that you want to use must be connected to the router directly via an Ethernet cable, or they can be wireless routers. The wireless routers can allow a connection from any wireless enabled devise that has the correct access information such a network passkey.

The main enterprise usage of routers is to connect large business or ISP networks together along a fiber optic cabling system to allow for the high speed transmission of data that concerns day to day business operations.

Routers allow all the employees of a company to not only easily and instantly receive and send information from one employee or department to another, it also allow for the sharing of equipment.

For example instead of having on printer for each employee workstation or computer the printer can be connected to the business shared printer through the router so each employee when needed can have instant access to that shared printer.  This saves the company money on the hardware and upkeep expenses of multiple printers and ink, paper, and maintenance for each work station.