Cisco Router Show Commands Cheat Sheet

Cisco Router Show Commands Cheat Sheet

Show is one of the most powerful commands in Cisco Internetwork Operating Systems. On using show command it displays all the configurations done on that particular configuration file or interfaces etc.

Show command displays static information, which means, the information is not updated unless and until the show command is used again.

The information displayed by the show command in Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS) is very much helpful for an administrator to troubleshoot the issues with the router.

Some of the most commonly show commands are as listed below:

Cisco-router# show interfaces; this command displays all the statistical information about all the interfaces on the router

Cisco-router# show interface <interface name>; this command displays the information about the particular interface only. If a serial interface is used, then show command also displays clock rate,  if the interface is DCE or DTE etc.

Cisco-router# show ip interface brief; Shows the information about all the IP v4 interfaces that are present along with the status of the interfaces and IP address assigned to the interfaces

Cisco-router# show ipv6 interface brief; Summarizes all the interfaces with IP v6 addresses along with the status of interfaces and IP address assigned to every individual interface.

Cisco-router# show clock; Displays the clock of the router Cisco-router.

Cisco-router# show hosts; Displays all the hosts along with their IP addresses of the router Cisco-router

Cisco-router# show users; Gives the list of all the users that are connected to Cisco-router

Cisco-router# show history; Gives the information about previously used Internetwork Operating System (IOS) commands.

Cisco-router# show flash; Displays the information about the flash memory.

Cisco-router# show version; Displays the version details of Internetwork Operating System that are currently present in the router.

Cisco-router# show arp; ARP stands for Address Resolution protocol. This protocol maintains a table containing the information about IP address to MAC address mapping.

Cisco-router# show protocols; all the layer three protocols that are configured on the router Cisco-router are displayed along with their status.

Cisco-router# show ip route; this commands displays the routing table that is stored in the routers memory. A Routing table gives the information about the route that a packet has to follow to reach the destination. This command displays only IP v4 route.

Cisco-router# show ipv6 route; Provides the information about IP v6 routing table.

Cisco-router# show ip nat; Displays the information about all the Network Address translations that are configured on the router.

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