Important Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) IOS commands

Important Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) IOS commands

In this article we will go through the important CDP commands like: show cdp, show cdp neighbor, show cdp neighbor detail and show cdp interface

  • show cdp
  • show cdp neighbor
  • show cdp neighbor detail
  • show cdp interface

If you log on to a switch and run the command “show cdp” we get some information related to CDP.

show cdp

The output shows that the CDP packets are sent every 60 seconds and the hold time is 180 seconds.

Let us check the next command. “show cdp neighbors”.

This command gives the details of connected neighbors.

connected neighbors

The information that this command displays is:

Device ID : Name of the device

Local Interface: Interface on the local device

Hold Time: How long to keep the entry in table ( in seconds)

Capability: E.g. R: Router S: Switch

Platform: Platform of the neighbor device to which this switch is connected.

Port ID: The neighbor port id that connects to this switch

The command “show cdp neighbor detail” gives detailed information about each neighbor.

show cdp neighbor detail

The command “show cdp interface” shows the interfaces that have cdp enabled.

show cdp interface

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