EIGRP Configuration

EIGRP Configuration

Configuring EIGRP on routers is very easy and does not take many steps. This step by step configuration guide will help you to understand that how to configure EIGRP on Cisco routers.

Configuring EIGRP

We will configure EIGRP on the two routers as shown in the diagram.

On Router0 (Router_A), configure the below commands:

Router A

Here, under global config mode we define the command “router eigrp 10”, where 10 is the autonomous number.

The networks are advertised using the “network < network id>” command, thus in the above scenario we advertise the networks and

On Router1 (Router_B) we have only one network i.e so we advertise that. Make sure you use the same autonomous number while defining EIGRP. In our case 10 is the autonomous number for EIGRP.

Router b

As soon as EIGRP is configured on the neighbor router and neighbor ship is established we see this message.


Where 10, is the autonomous number and it shows it forms neighbor relationship with on serial 0/0 interface.

The command “show ip eigrp neighbors” command shows the neighbor tables and the formed neighbors.

ip eigrp

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