EIGRP Default Route

EIGRP Default Route

This tutorial explains everything about EIGRP default route.

In EIGRP default route can be configured using one of the below methods:

1. Create a static default route and then have this advertised into EIGRP

Router_A(config)#ip route

2. Have an EIGRP route flagged as default network

Using the default route can help reduce the routing table size and improve performance. Sometimes all routers need not know all routes of the network, thus we have default routes configured on them.

Using ip default-network command

Router(config)# ip default-network < network id>

R1(config)# ip default-network


The next hop of R1 is seen on Router 2 as default network

Making the use of a default network and then advertising the route

R1(config)# ip route
R1(config)# router eigrp 10
R1(config-router)# network

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