How to Create Facebook Badge

Creating a Facebook Badge

Badges are the perfect way to connect your Facebook profile with another site. You can create profile badges, badges for pages, badges for photos and have fun while doing it.

This is yet another nifty function that allows users to share their Facebook content with other people. If you want to share your content, follow these instructions.

1. Go to the Facebook badge’s homepage – Type it into your search engine.


2. On this page, you will see four badge options – profile, photo, page, and like. Click on the one that you want. Let’s say you want a page badge. Click on that option at the bottom right.


3. Choose which website you want to share the information with. Click on the ‘blogger’, ‘typepad’, or ‘other’ option in the middle of the screen.


4. If you press ‘other’, you have to copy and paste the code that comes up on your desired website. If you press the other two, you will be directed to a new page. Sign in to the appropriate account and then you will have your new badge!

Profile, Photo, and Like Badges

On the left hand side of the badges page are the tabs that take to you the home page and the other badge pages.

page badges

The profile badge is created in the same way as the page badge. The photo badge lets you create a badge with a certain amount of pictures in a specific format. The like badge lets you select a page that you want to share. It has to be a page that you like. Then, you can copy and paste that code into a particular website.

create a badge

Sharing badges is a good way to connect people with your Facebook content on a site that isn’t Facebook. Let the world know what you’re interested in and drive them to your profile.

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