How to Set the Default Video Quality on Facebook

Facebook – Setting the Default Video Quality

All of us have our preferences about what our video quality should be. There is a simple way to change it in your settings. Your Facebook account is just that – yours­. You can choose how everything looks and how the videos are formatted.

Facebook gives its users plenty of options to make their account exactly the way that they want it.

1. Click on the ‘settings’ option in the drop down list of options that appears in your settings menu. This menu can be brought up by clicking the arrow pointing down at the top right corner of the screen.


2. On the left side of the new page, you will list a list of tabs. The one at the very bottom says ‘videos’ and that’s where you must click next.


3. The top option in the ‘videos’ settings page is called video default quality. On the far right of this section, there will be a button you can press to release a drop down list. You can choose between default, SD only, and HD if available. Click on the option you want.

sd only

The option will automatically change and save. There’s no wait time involved. You can change this option as often as you’d like. Some videos are just better in HD, so you may want to choose that option. Other videos are fine as is, or you might need to lower the quality to help with your computer’s performance.

hd if available

Whatever your reason is it doesn’t matter. You have the right to choose your settings without having to justify it. Facebook gives you plenty of options for a reason. They want their users to feel in control with their account. We all like having options, so having several settings available is appropriate. Make the videos on Facebook pleasurable to watch and enjoy them while you can.

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