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Microsoft Office is a widely used piece of software. Many people use it for business and personal uses. One of the features of Microsoft Office is called Microsoft Word. The explanation is right in its name. This program is a commercial word processor. Though Word is a part of the Microsoft Office package, it can be purchased as a separate entity. Not everyone needs to reap the benefits of the entire Microsoft suite. It is more common for people to need a word processor.

The first version of Microsoft Word was released in 1983. Ever since then, it has been revised and rebooted to become the ultimate word processor. Technology is always evolving, and Microsoft strives to create and update its products to comply with all the current trends. This program is compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems and is often referred to as Word or MS Word.

In 1981, Microsoft hired a man named Charles Simonyi. His task was to develop a word-processing application. In the beginning, it was not very popular. The world already had a word processor called WordPerfect, and that was receiving most of the attention. Microsoft and all of its employees worked hard each day to ensure that they could create a processor that might outdo WordPerfect. The second release of Microsoft Word was in 1987. It came with a substantial upgrade to its major features and with various new functions. One of those functions was support for rich text formats.

When 1995 rolled up, and so did the release of Windows 95, the sales for MS Word skyrocketed. This program provides tons of useful features for creating and editing documents. First of all, however, a document shows up on the screen is how it will be printed on paper. It can even be transferred to another program and still look the same.

Another benefit of this program is its spell check. Editing software is never as reliable as manual editing, but this feature comes close. It provides red and blue underlines for incorrect words and grammar mistakes. Sometimes it can automatically fix a misspelled word or phrase. MS Word also has text-level and page-level features. One can bold, italicize, underline, and strike through words, as well as indent and create paragraphs.

Word is compatible with a variety of different programs. Usually, it works the best with other programs in the Microsoft Office Suite.

MS Word Basic Tutorials