Graphical Organizers – Creation and Usage

Organizers – Creation and Usage

Graphical organizers are key to display information easily inside a Word document.  They can be highly useful methods of communication to show data, and are often used by professionals within Word documents. 

First of all, to create a graphic organizer, click on the Insert tab and then click on Charts.  Here, you will find a menu that includes many commonly used graphs.  In this example, I will be creating a pie chart.  That would be done by Insert-Charts-Pie.

Graphical Organizers- Creation and Usage

After clicking okay, it will look like this-

Graphical Organizers- Creation and Usage

This pie chart has four sections.  Underneath the pie chart itself is a mini-Excel file.  For more detailed instructions on how to use Microsoft Excel files, please check out my other tutorials for Excel, but the simple answer is that Excel is a graphing tool used to insert data.

Here, let’s say I wanted the blue section, or 1st Quarter, to be 8.0, 2nd Quarter to be 4.0, 3rd as 2.0, and 4th as 1.0.  I am also adding a 5th Quarter by entering it inside the Excel document.  After entering the information, the graph will look like this-

Graphical Organizers- Creation and Usage

As you can see, on the side of the pie charts are different buttons, or options, that you can click on to change the chart’s layout.   The first one is a wrap text option, extremely similar to the wrapping text options for pictures.  The second one is adding different elements of the chart. Through this, you can also change the title, labels, and other parts of your chart.

The third one allows you to modify the color palette used in the chart, and the fourth allows you to directly manipulate how the chart displays information.  Here, I have gotten a color and layout change, displayed more labels, and removed the distinction between some quartiles.

Graphical Organizers- Creation and Usage

These charts can be immensely useful in order to display information in a Word document, and they basically function as pictures in terms of formatting.  There are many different types of charts out there, so go explore and see what charts best suit your project! In this lesson we covered how to insert a chart into Word and how to edit it.

In our next lesson, we will cover how to use headers and footers in larger essays to help organize, add dates, put your name on it, and more other useful techniques that can help apply labels to multiple pages at once, as well as covering how to change the sizes of margins.

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