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Free CompTIA A+ Practice Exams 220-801

Certiology’s Free CompTIA A+ Certification 220-801 Practice Tests and Exams are exactly what you need to prepare for your A+ (A Plus OR A+) final exam.

Our Free CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Exams gives you the opportunity to identify any knowledge gaps so you can refine your study strategy and ensure a passing score!

A+ Practice Exam 1
A+ Practice Exam 2
A+ Practice Exam 3
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Free CompTIA A+ Practice Tests 220-802

A+ Practice Test 1
A+ Practice Test 2
A+ Practice Test 3
A+ Practice Test 4

CompTIA A+

To start an IT career in computer hardware and networking field, the CompTIA A+ is very important. CompTIA A+ certification covers many of the technologies like computer hardware, computer networking and operating systems.

This certification is recognized internationally that validates the technical knowledge for the IT practitioners. The candidates that have passed A+ certification are able to manage, operate, install, maintain, and troubleshoot and configure the computing equipment. In short we can say that the CompTIA A+ certification makes the candidate a capable IT Technician.

A+ certified professional understands the basics of a computer’s hardware, software and networking and security. These professionals also learn how to install and configure the input devices.

A+ Certification Prerequisite

There are no prerequisites for the CompTIA A+ exam.  A+ exam consists of multiple choice questions and is computer based. Anyone can take this exam and can start IT career as a computer hardware technician.

Exam Details

There are two exams to be passed in order to get the A+ certification. The first exam includes the hardware, networking and trouble shooting of computing and networking devices.

 The first exam based on computer hardware and networking is A+ 220-901.

The second exam is called A+ 202-902. The candidate must pass the second exam. The second exam includes the installation of operating systems that includes Microsoft Windows.

The exam for the CompTIA A+ consists of the following:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Drag and drops and
  • Questions that are based on performance

The A+ certification was created by the CompTIA .the certifications related to the CompTIA and are used in the computing industry. The candidate must have the knowledge of Microsoft windows and IBM.

The candidate will need a PC with Microsoft windows, multimeter, screwdriver, calculator, grounding pad and wrist strap to get started with this course.

The CompTIA A Plus exam consists of 90 questions, the candidates must get 675 marks in the first exam of the CompTIA A+ and he must get 700 marks in the second exam to pass the examination. Test time limit is 90 minutes.

Pricing and Exam Validity

Pricing for each exam is $199 USD. The academies offering the preparation for this course give discounted vouchers as they are affiliated with CompTIA. The test is valid for 3 years and after that it expires.


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