CompTIA Network+ Practice Exam 7 N10-005

CompTIA Network+ Practice Exam 7 N10-005

If you are running half-duplex Internet, which of the following is true. (Choose all that apply)?


You’re installing a small network consisting of eight computers. The manager wants the best fault tolerance. Which of the following topologies would you choose?


IP resides at which layer of the OSI model?


What should you install when security is a main concern?


Your boss asks you why you just put in a requisition, saying you just bought you a bunch of hubs five years ago ago! Why did you buy the switches?


You need to connect a hub to a switch. You don’t like this idea because you know that it will create congestion. What type of cable do you need to use to connect the hub to the switch?


One of the following network devices forwards the data it receives on a port to all other connected ports. Identify the device from the following


Why do most switches run the Spanning Tree Protocol by default?


You need to optimize network traffic by spreading it across multiple connections. Which strategy should be used?


Which of the following are WAN protocols or technologies? (Choose all that apply.)


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