CompTIA Security+ Practice Exam 2 SY0-401

CompTIA Security+ Practice Exam 2 SY0-401

In security terms MTBF means __________________________


Which of the below are terms using in cloud computing?


When an organization feels that it has risks related to email attachments and it blocks any emails with attachments coming into the network. Which of the below are related to the statement?


______________ is the max time when a process or service is allowed to be down without impacting business continuity, beyond this creates negative effect on the business.


______________ measures how long it takes to restore / repair a system / component when a failure occurs.


__________________ is the term referred when steps are taken to reduce risk.


_____________ refers to services being available in case of outages. Keep all services available up to about 99.999 percent.


_______________ Monitors the contents of the systems ensures that the key contents are not deleted.


__________________ validates the integrity of a message and the sender.


__________________ is something that provides a reader more information about a contact in case of a problem is detected.


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