CompTIA Security+ Practice Exam 4 SY0-401

CompTIA Security+ Practice Exam 4 SY0-401

Which of the below don’t operate on the Application Layer of OSI Model?


A Firewall can function as which of the following?


To create a DMZ, it’s easy to use a firewall that can transmit in which of the below direction:


TCP being a connection oriented protocol uses ________________to establish a session.


___________________ is an area where public serves are placed for access by people that are not trusted, which in turn removes access to other areas of the network.


The Ethernet card has a MAC Address also called the Ethernet address is a ________ bit value.


The _________________ type of Firewall either passes or blocks traffic based on the application type and port number used.


Which of the two ports are used by FTP?


_________________ allows using only one IP for the full organization to use Internet.


____________________ runs on port 3389.


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