CompTIA Security+ Practice Exam 5 SY0-401

CompTIA Security+ Practice Exam 5 SY0-401

______________________ is the security layer of Wireless Application Protocol.


_____________________ is a hardware device used to create remote access VPNs.


__________________ is a authentication protocols that gets its name from a mythical three headed dog who stood ate gates of Hades.


____________________ is the process of having apps run in restricted memory areas.


________________ is a group which is dedicated to secure coding best practices for web applications.


Which of the below are authentication Protocols?


_________________________ is an IDS that detects an intrusion and reacts by blocking the communication from that IP address.


_________________ is like a burglar alarm that is configured to evaluate system logs, see for any suspicious network activity and to disconnect sessions that are suspectable to causing harm or violate security.


Hiding a message in some other medium like graphic image or sound file or text file is known as ________________


________________ allows taking an image of a working system at a particular point which can be used to revert the machine to a saved state.


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