Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory 70-640 Practice Test 1

The two components of a GPO are:


As you want users to log on to AD using a new Principal Name( UPN) which tool should you use to modify the UPN suffix ?


For any error message which indicates trust with domain to be lost, you have to reset the secure channel without a reboot of the system. The below two commands can be used to rejoin computer to the domain without reboot.


GPO basic attributes are defined using GPC and the settings are stored in a GPT.


In Active directory when DNS is integrated with it, the database file is _______________


Which of the below are not admin CLI tools?


Types of IPv6 Address are: (Choose all that apply)


To troubleshoot issue with GPO, like GPO status or replication problems, which tool can be used?


If you purchase 100 computers and you are provided the list of asset tags in an excel file, and using these asset tags you want to create computer accounts with asset tag as the computer name. In such a case which tool will be helpful?


Between two domain controllers the GPO is replicated using ________________ and _________________.


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