Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring 70-642 Practice Exam 2

Consider a scenario where you have a single Active Directory forest that has five domains. Win Server 2008 R2 is installed on the DNS servers. In order to make sure that all public DNS queries are channeled through a single-caching-only DNS server. From the below which two actions should be performed? (Choose the best two.)


A server running Windows Server 2008 R2 on your network acts as a DHCP server. The server name is myDHCP. The client computers on the network get their network configurations from myDHCP Server. One of your client computer named Client1 is running Windows 7 Enterprise and you need to configure Client1 to use a different DNS server than the other client computers on the network. Which of the below should be done?


To configure a IPv6 address manually (static) for a server running the Server Core OS which of the below can be used ?


You Active Directory domain named consists of servers MyServer1 and MyServer2 running Win Server 2008 R2. On MyServer2, DirectAccess is deployed. NLS – Network Location Server needs to be configured for MyServer1 and some IIS Webserver role service needs to be installed. Which of the below is it ?


A server is running Server Core OS (MyMyServer1) with a DNS Server role. One of the network interface on the MyMyServer1 is name Local Connection. is a static IP configured on the network interface. Which of the below is correct to create a named DNS zone on MyMyServer1.


If a Computer is assigned an IP address of and the first usable IP address in each subnet is the default gateway. Which of the below IPs is appropriate for the default gateway for the Computer?


We have a file server MyServer1 running Windows Server 2008 R2 on which IP sec is enabled. To identify the client computers that have that have active association for IPSec to MyServer1, the below tools should be used?


You are running a file server MyMyServer1 with Win 2008 R2. Users complain about the error “Access is denied” when some folder is being tried to be open. E.g. \\MyMyServer1\folder1. To ensure that users can only see files and folder that they have permissions to which tool should be used?


In a test setup we are looking to evaluate DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC). The server named MyMyServer1 is the DC running Win Server 2008 R2 with the DNS server role. Which of the below steps or action should be performed to have DNSSEC evaluation for MyMyServer1? (Choose two as Each Ans presents part of the solution.)


You need to have 1000 computers configured for a new setup and the requirement is to have them all in the same subnet. To provide a solution that has minimum unused IP addresses in the subnet. Select the appropriate range from below.


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