Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring 70-642 Practice Test 2

Windows Server Backup is used to create a Backup. To mount a VHD file the tool ___________should be used?


The below command can be run to identify health agent compliance status on a client where the network has Network Access Protection (NAP) policies deployed.?


In a single Active Directory domain where the network is protected by a firewall , VPN server is used with help of PPTP for the remote users to connect to the network using PPTP. The error message: “Error 721: The remote computer is not responding.” Is displayed while connecting. For users to establish connectivity which of the below can be done?


In a DHCP environment before the address of a scope can be leased, the server needs to be __________ and the scope needs to be ______________


Which tool is used to configure outbound firewall rules on a server running the Server Core installation?


On a Windows Server we create a script to have the address table cache cleared of the physical network interface. The below tool should be run in the script.


To allow only members of Power User group and Administrators group to view the system Log events, the below tool can be used.


To answer DNS client queries the _________________ database entries are used.


To log CPU utilization on a Windows Core OS the below tool can be used.


When working with WINS, the ___________ NetBIOS name resolution method first communicates with a WINS server and then uses a broadcast to resolve the name?


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