MCSA Windows 7 Practice Exam 2

MCSA Windows 7 Practice Exam 2

Which of the below are command options used with ScanState.exe and LoadState.exe? Choose all that apply

Which of the below is not a Windows File System ?

Which of the below are options for automated deployments in Windows 7?

___________________ is an updated version of Remote Installation Services ( RIS)

Which of the below are switches used with Sysprep?

Using which of the deployment methods you can perform clean install and upgrade also. ( Supports both Clean install or upgrade)

Which of the below is not a WDSUTIL command option or switch?

To convert an existing FAT partition ( D:/ ) to NTFS, which command is used?

RAID stand for?

___________ Option can be used to limit the amount of hard disk space used by a user.

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