MCSA Windows 8 Practice Exam 2

MCSA Windows 8 Practice Exam 2

Below is not a command line tool that is part of the USMT 5.0 in Windows ADK.

The ____________ tool is used to create a store that will scan the source computer to collect files and setting. The files are compressed and stored in the migration store.

The _______________ tool can be used in Windows 8.1 that helps to verify the migration store data is not corrupt and extract the compressed files from the migration store.

In a Windows ADK, there are some USMT tools and files used. Which of the below are not related to the tools that will be used with USMT.

A user profile stored on a network server so the profile can be available for the user irrespective of from where he logs on in his workplace is known as ________________

In the _______________ user profile on which a user can make changes to his settings like change background of desktop etc. but this changed does NOT remain persistent between session logoffs as well. i.e profile is reset.

In which of the profiles first you need to locate the folder containing the roaming profile and then rename it from Ntuser.dat to

You have a Windows 7 System and want to upgrade to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 ( in-place upgrades) using this you can keeps the user files, the Window Setting and application entact. True or false?

The ________________ tool in Windows is used to install, uninstall, view or disable hardware devices.

To check for any unsigned driver on the system run the below command _________________

The use of a pre shared key for authentication is supported by which of the below protocols? 

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