MCSA Windows 8 Practice Exam 3

MCSA Windows 8 Practice Exam 3

Which of the below are messages not from the unsigned drivers:

The __________________ command with an elevated command prompt in windows 8.1 can be used to manage a Driver store. 

Which of the below are conditions that are used by the Software Restriction Policies in scenarios to create rules where AppLocker doesn’t work?

While using Internet Explorer, you want to configure the Security Level for an Internet Zone. This can be configured from the __________________ Tab in the Internet Explorer dialog box?

In order to use the Integration Services in Windows, you can install it only using the Hyper-V Manager and not using the windows Power Shell. True or False.

Which of the below are file systems in windows 8.1 ?

The state of a virtual machine i.e. its data content, settings, configuration files, application data files etc can be saved. Its snapshot of the state of the virtual machine. What is called in windows 8.1?

To see the list of active TCP connection on the Windows System alaong wth the ports on which the computer is listening, the ___________ command is used.

In you network you have some computers running Windows 8.1 Operating System and you need to make some changes related to network configuration. You cannot use the GUI an dneed to use the CLI, which command can be used?

Using the CLI you want to start the Windows Remote Management service, which of the below command can be used?

To Open the Disk Management configuration windows, which of the belwo is used.?

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