MCSA Windows 8 Practice Test 1

MCSA Windows 8 Practice Test 1

You want to use the Windows To Go workspace, in order to use this feature which of the below Windows 8.1 edition should be installed on your computer.

The USB drive required for the Windows To Go should be of minimum ___________ size and be Windows to Go certified .

When using Windows Go To, is it possible to use the Trusted Platform Model ( TPM), that protects computers from unauthorized access?

Which of the below command is used to package the Windows PE files into a sector-based image file when used with proper command line options.          

You have a computer running Windows 8.1 Eneterprise edition that uses BitLocker Drive Encryption on your disk that stores only data. You do not want any data to be written on the fixed disk. Which of the below will help to achieve it?

There are two offices, a main HQ and other branch office where in each office there are several servers running Windows Server 2012. The requirement is to have cached content in a central location and this need to configure Branch Cache on the client computers. Which of the below command should be run on each client?

On your client computer running Windows 8.1 Professional, Windows Defender engine and malware signature was installed, but now you need to rollback these with reducing the administrative effort. Would is the best suggestion here?

 An desktop administrator in your organization needs to a WIM file of Windows 8.1 Enterprise deployed to about 25 desktop clients that use a third party iSCSI adapter. The device driver to support this adapter is provided by the vendor and the admin has to update the image and make sure that when the image is installed the device driver is also installed. What is the possible solution?

You recently purchased an Office 365 subscription and are running Windows 8.1. After installing Microsoft Lync and MS Outlook on the computer you want to connect Office 365 to Lync and Outlook. Which of the below option is correct. 

For safety reasons you as an administrator want to back up a computer system drive running Windows 8.1. This backup copy should enable you to restore the system drive on another computer. What should be done?

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