MCSA Windows 8 Practice Test 4

MCSA Windows 8 Practice Test 4

The ___________________8.1 is a part of MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Part) which provides software assurance and can be used to repair unbootable systems and remove malware or restore missing files.

Which of the below are parameters using with the DFS in Windows 8.1, along with the Dfsutil.exe?

Which of the below are some of the parameters using in Windows 8.1 for the manage-BDE command?

 Which of the below parameter is used to add a numerical password protector along with the manage-BDE command?

To find encrypted files on a local drive we need to use the command prompt with elevated privileges, which of the below is the correct command?

To examine dump file associated with a computer failure Windows 8.1 has a tool which could show the device driver that caused the issue. The name of the tool is  ___________________ .

The __________ command line utility is used to manage device drivers on the driver store. The same command can be used to add, delete and list driver packages

The ___________________ utility in Windows 8.1 used to repair and recover disk partitions by restoring the MBR, restoring partition tables and having these tables saved for backup.

On your Windows 8.1 computer you receive a STOP error and further investigation from the Event viewer it is found that the issue is causing a loss in ability to write data to the harddisk. Which of the below command helps to confirm the issue ?

_______________ is a report that shows the setting that affect the network, users, computers or devices. Basically is a report of all the Group Policy Settings.

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