Networking Fundamentals MTA EXAM 98-366 Exam 1

Networking Fundamentals MTA EXAM 98-366 Exam 1

_______________ is a unique identifier assigned by the manufacturer to a network adapter. This is written in hexadecimal and is of 6 octets.


The ___________ command is used to check the connection status to and from your computer.


After you configure an IP address and subnet mask on a Windows 7 PC, you want to check the configuration and confirm that the IP and subnet is configured, which of the below command is used.


The IEEE standard 802.3j is used for ___________________


The unit of measurement on a data link layer is _________________


Ping is used to check network connectivity and it makes use of the _____________ protocol.


The 802.3an Ethernet network runs at a speed of ____________


________________ is a device that regenerates the signal and every time data is sent via broadcast to other connected devices.


Port number 88 is used for which of the below protocols?


Switches store the MAC to port translation mapping in a table know as MAC table. It is also known as CAM table. What does CAM stand for?


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