Networking Fundamentals MTA EXAM 98-366 Test 1

To configure a DHCP server in Windows which of the below is a correct step.


Once the DHC server is installed in Windows Server, we activate it and one more step needs to be done. What is that important step?


In the IP Sec the __________ generates encryption and authentication keys.


_________________ is a feature in Windows that can used when want to make a server act like a router.


The ________________ protocol is used to encrypt data in L2TP.


Which of the below is a Link state routing protocol? Choose the best fit


The below protocol is used to automatically assign or configure an IP address to a client.


Windows used the RDP or Remote desktop service to connect to a remote machine. This Remote Desktop services runs on which port?


In some scenarios when you check the IP address of your PC you see an IP of range: 169. 254. 24.24. Where does this IP come from?


Which of the below is not a process in the DHCP DORA?


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