Windows Operating System Fundamentals 98-349 Exam 1

Windows Operating System Fundamentals 98-349 Exam 1

If you have two disks and when data is stored using Stripped Volume in Windows 7, the data is stored in chunks of _______ size. The first chunk on first drive and the second chunk on second drive.


What is the IEEE standard for Firewire type of storage devices?


__________________ is a program that helps interaction of the hardware with the Operating System.


For the reduction in movement by the hard disk’s arm , Windows has a utility to move sectors of data on a hard disk and store it sequentially, thus improving performance. The name of eth utility is ________________.


In Windows Operating system you can load the system with only basic files and drivers. This option is known as ___________________


Which of the below are file and folder permission levels in Windows 7?


The ____________ file / folder permission allows changing of files or folders but does not allow creation of new ones.


The __________________ utility is used to remove the unnecessary files from your system such as :
– downloaded program files
– Temporary Internet Files
– Setup Log Files
– Files in Recycle bin
– -etc


The ___________________ in Windows Operating system is made up of : Keys, subkeys and Values.


A shortcut to a shared folder or Drive on a network is called as a __________________


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