Windows Operating System Fundamentals 98-349 Exam 1

Windows Operating System Fundamentals 98-349 Exam 1

A shortcut to a shared folder or Drive on a network is called as a __________________


Which of the below are file and folder permission levels in Windows 7?


The __________________ utility is used to remove the unnecessary files from your system such as :
- downloaded program files
- Temporary Internet Files
- Setup Log Files
- Files in Recycle bin
- -etc


What is the IEEE standard for Firewire type of storage devices?


The ___________________ in Windows Operating system is made up of : Keys, subkeys and Values.


For the reduction in movement by the hard disk’s arm , Windows has a utility to move sectors of data on a hard disk and store it sequentially, thus improving performance. The name of eth utility is ________________.


__________________ is a program that helps interaction of the hardware with the Operating System.


The ____________ file / folder permission allows changing of files or folders but does not allow creation of new ones.


If you have two disks and when data is stored using Stripped Volume in Windows 7, the data is stored in chunks of _______ size. The first chunk on first drive and the second chunk on second drive.


In Windows Operating system you can load the system with only basic files and drivers. This option is known as ___________________


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