CompTIA A+ Practice Exam 1

CompTIA A+ Practice Exam 1 220-902

No-execute bit’s area of implementation is referred to as:

Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista which is a vertical, long bar that is displayed on the desktop side which can be customized by adding various gadgets.

A VIA-proprietary low-power consumption SFF type motherboard which is known for embedded and industrial PC applications?

The configuration setup in which it is possible to install more than one operating system and then choose which operating system to use during each startup If a computer's hard disk has an adequate free disk space is known as:

Computers running Microsoft Windows Oss has the _______ , most commonly used storage type.

Choose Windows workgroups applied statement.

_________writes a new master boot record to the disk.

Copying multiple files or complete directory trees to other directories across a network is allowed by

For all Microsoft Windows Vista releases other than the Home Basic version the recommended minimum system requirements are described by__________

Various graphics intensive features to the User Interface are added by a visual desktop experience which is included in Windows Vista and Windows 7 is known as:

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