Free Security Plus Practice Tests

Free CompTIA Security+ Practice Exams SY0-401

Certiology’s Free CompTIA Security+ Certification SY0-401 Practice Tests and Exams are exactly what you need to prepare for your Security+(Security Plus OR S+) final exam.

Our Free CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exams gives you the opportunity to identify any knowledge gaps so you can refine your study strategy and ensure a passing score!

Security+ Practice Exam 1
Security+ Practice Exam 2
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Security+ Practice Exam 4
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Free CompTIA Security+ Practice Tests SY0-401

Security+ Practice Test 1
Security+ Practice Test 2
Security+ Practice Test 3
Security+ Practice Test 4
Security+ Practice Test 5

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ is a vendor neutral security certification that covers a wide range of network security and it includes the security protocols, cloud security, encryption and network security.

 The Security Plus certification is an internationally accepted certification that develops the knowledge and skills of network security in the candidate. The CompTIA Security+ certification is perfect for the security analysts and network administrators, and also the security engineers.

The certification is also good for the people who are entered in to the cyber security. The students will be able to troubleshoot and manage the security incidents like responding to and recovering from security incidents.

The Security plus consists of various topics such as network security, compliance and operational security, threats, cryptography, host security and access control. The CompTIA Security+ certification also covers the topics that are related to business like risk management and disaster recovery. Two years of experience is needed in IT especially with a focus on security, and a broad knowledge of security is needed for the certification of CompTIA Security+. After the qualification of CompTIA Security+ the candidate can be a security architect, security engineer, security specialist, security and network administrator and systems administrator. We can also say that the CompTIA Security+ is a professional qualification of the IT security industry.

This certification is also approved by the U.S. Department of Defense. The CompTIA Security+ certification is mandatory for the IT career. After this certification the students will be able to manage application, data and security, can identify the basics of network security or computer security, can identify the security threats, and can manage the certificates and security incidents and risks. The student will also able to develop business community and can identify the operational security measures.

The CompTIA Security+ exam is valid for three years, and after this period the candidates have to renew their certification. The exam code of CompTIA Security+ is SY0-401. The exam of CompTIA Security+ consists of total 90 questions that are multiple choice questions and are performance based. The test is of90 minutes. The passing score for the CompTIA Security+ exam is 750 marks. The experience of two years in IT administration that is focusing on security and in the CompTIA Network+ is recommended to the candidate for the CompTIA Security+ certification. 

The cost for the CompTIA Security+ exam is $311.  

The CompTIA Security+ certification is used as the foundation for the advanced security certifications and career roles. This course is for the students who have the administrative skills in operating systems like the windows, Linux or UNIX.