CompTIA Security+ Practice Exam 3 SY0-401

CompTIA Security+ Practice Exam 3 SY0-401

RAID in reference to Disks stands for ______________________





File and Print services are prone to DoS attacks. What does DoS mean ___________________?





To ensure that all unnecessary service are put off and software that is not required being uninstalled and keeping the system updated with Patches, user security etc is referred to as _______________





_________________ is software that adds new functionality to software and sometime it fixes the existing bugs in it.





A government of law office encouraging a person to commit a crime when the criminal expresses desire not to proceed with it is referred to as ______________________.





Which of the below command can help to know the MAC address of a system installed with Windows OS?





Which of the below are file systems that can be used on windows Operating System?





Advertising that you have free software and luring someone into your trap and making them do what you want is known as _______________





_________________ are systems configured to lure hackers or attackers and allow them to break in those systems.





The ___________ log file in Linux used to log application crashes.





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