CompTIA Security+ Practice Test 5 SY0-401

CompTIA Security+ Practice Test 5 SY0-401

Running which of the following commands is the quickest way to tell which ports are open and which services are running on the machine?





Physically unsecured equipment is vulnerable to which of the following type of attacks?





Which of the following should be used when a business needs a block cipher with minimal key size for internal encryption?





Which two of the following support the preservation of data availability?





Which of the following uses TCP / UDP port 53 by default?





You are using encryption technology in an attempt to protect a file containing customer credit card numbers from unauthorized access. What information security goal are you pursuing?





Which of the following best describes the activity that involves collecting information used for monitoring and reviewing purposes?





A risk has the following calculated values (SLE = $1,500, ARO = 5). What is the maximum amount that should be spent to fully negate the costs of this risk?





Where would you turn off file sharing in Windows Vista?





You are performing a risk assessment of an organization and decide that the likelihood of a particular risk materializing is “low.” What type of risk assessment are you performing?





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