CompTIA A+ Practice Exam 2

CompTIA A+ Practice Exam 2 220-902

In the BIOS setup utility, Chassis intrusion detection, an option which can be enabled or disabled Coupled with a hardware sensor mounted inside the computer case, to check if the case was opened and display a notification alert during next boot this functionality can be used.

Which of the following is a type of Windows installation which erases the contents of the target partition?

The process of dividing a HDD storage space into separate logical drives is called as:

A labeling which is used in reference to a partition type which stores information about the Windows OS is known as: 

The correct syntax for a Windows Command Prompt TASKKILL command which allows to close NOTEPAD.EXE by providing is:

For a newly added hard drive, which of the following command allows configuring it with the file system to store information on the disk.

For the 32-bit (x86) version of Microsoft Windows 7 the system requirement is

Windows 8/8.1 cannot be installed on computer systems that lack support for No-eXecute bit, Physical Address Extension and Streaming SIMD Extensions 2.

Desktop PCs use _______ motherboard type.

Which of the following is included by the Motherboard slots which enable installation of dedicated graphics controllers? 

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