CompTIA A+ Practice Exam 3

CompTIA A+ Practice Exam 3 220-902

The maximum throughput of a single-lane (x1) PCIe v2.x link  is:

In Windows 8 Which of the new built-in software options added allows for reinstallation of the Operating system without affecting the existing user profiles.

The available options of the Master Boot Record partitioning scheme are described by __________

To terminate tasks by process id which of the MS Windows command-line utilities is used?

The current directory is changed to the root directory using 

The HELP command displays a list of available system commands used without any parameters, the along with a brief description.

Managing multiple user accounts in home editions is allowed by

__________ is an HDD type which combines high capacity and performance at a relatively low device cost

Portable devices which combines the capabilities of handheld PCs and mobile phones are known as:

Which of the following lists choices for startup configuration modes in Windows?

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