CompTIA A+ Practice Exam 4

CompTIA A+ Practice Exam 4 220-902

DISKPART.EXE command ______  is the one that can be used for managing the size of a disk volume

A simple text-editing which can be launched from any place in the Command Prompt is known as:

__________ is a Windows Internet Properties applet tab which contains an option for managing pop-up windows displayed by websites.

Which of the following tab of the System Properties Windows applet provides access to virtual memory configuration settings?

_______takes advantage of the traditional PSTN lines.

A solution which allows to turn on a network host remotely by sending a special data packet is known as:

Data files which contains detection code which antivirus products use to identify malicious code are called as:

A text-based command-line partitioning utility is launched by 

Exiting the command interpreter in Windows is allowed by

To facilitate communication between various types of databases and applications is the function of the Data Sources configuration.

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