CompTIA A+ Practice Exam 5

CompTIA A+ Practice Exam 5 220-902

The most common battery type is _________ which can be found in modern devices.

The System Configuration tab that contains a list of background applications which can be enabled or disabled during system startup is known as:

Which of the following includes the information about the network resources usage listed under Networking tab in OS?

A framework which provides access to a collection of tools which can be used by advanced users and administrators to manage networks, services, and other system components is known as:

Imposing restrictions on web content allowed in Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser is allowed by the Security tab of the Internet Properties utility.

Available actions within the standard Windows account in User Accounts Control Panel applet are :

A Windows network share is intended for administrative access is indicated by

________ offers the highest level of protection.

A two dimensional transmission is called as:

Restoring data from backup which requires only a working copy of the last full backup in a differential backup strategy.

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