CompTIA A+ Practice Test 1

CompTIA A+ Practice Test 1 220-901

After the computer is turned on series of basic hardware diagnostic tests are referred to as 

To prevent the loading of malware and unauthorized OSs during system start-up , which UEFI functionality is used

A standard that relies on serial communication is referred to as

The speed of a single-lane (x1) PCIe v3.x link is

When the computer is turned off, a source of power for an RTC is referred to as;

The most common memory module form factor type which is used in laptop computers is

What is the name of that extra bit which is used to detect whether the data has been corrupted or not?

In order to extend the system functionality a type of Printed Circuit Board which can be installed in a motherboard slot is referred to as an expansion card.

Commonly referred to as a Solid-State Drive (SSD) is a type of storage device with no moving parts which instead of magnetic platters makes use of memory chips

RAID type with the highest disk overhead?

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