CompTIA A+ Practice Test 3

CompTIA A+ Practice Test 3 220-901

SDR SDRAM modules consists of

ECC type RAM:

Without causing interruption to the system operation, the capability for replacing computer system components is known as:

The storage capacity of a single-layer mini Blu-ray disc is:

A specific feature of certain types of microprocessor sockets that supports the removal of a CPU chip and the insertion is referred to as

Maximum length of a fiber-optic Thunderbolt cable is

A computer on a network where most functions are carried out on a central server, or a client-server model software wherein the server performs all the processing is commonly referred to as:

Implementation of smart card reader devices also include:

A very common network communication protocol which is used for enabling two hosts to establish any network connection and exchange of data is known as:

Advantage of tractor feed during printing process is used by

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