CompTIA A+ Practice Exam 2

CompTIA A+ Practice Exam 2 220-801

The PS/2 connector is used to connect which of the below devices?





USB 3.0 allows data transfer rate to about _______________





There are some type of connectors called RJ 45, here RJ means_______________________.





_____________________ is a type of expansion card that helps a computer connect to a network and in turn communicate with other devices.





________________ is one of the most commonly used media to archive data regularly.





Some devices can be plugged into the device and removed while the system is powered on, these devices are called _________________.





The Red strip on the data cable or ribbon is used to indicate.





___________ RAID creates a redundant striped volume set and uses feature of RAID 0 and RAID 1.





An IDE channel can have how many master drives?





Which of the below RAID is also known as Disk Mirroring?





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