CompTIA A+ Practice Exam 3

CompTIA A+ Practice Exam 3 220-801

Which of the below are considered “Input Devices”? Choose all that Apply






________________ is a input device used popularly in retail stores to maintain inventory.





_________________ are machines that uses display and other input device and remaining processing happens on some other remote PC. ( Choose two)





Copying files /data in a floppy and then taking it to the destination manually was referred to as ________________.





A vertical scan frequency that specifies how many times the scanning beam of electrons will redraw the screen is _____________





_________________ is a connector  where the source should produce a digital output and monitor must understand the digital input.





The IEEE 1394 standard is used for what type of connector.





__________________ is a process of reducing the magnetic field of an object /device.





In virtualization which of the below components are shared between host and guest operating systems.





Which of the below are VDU (Visual Display Units)? Choose all that apply





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