CompTIA A+ Practice Exam 4

CompTIA A+ Practice Exam 4 220-801

________________ Topology provides the best fault tolerance but turns out to be very expensive and difficult to configure.





A network is connected in some specific manner physically and logically, this layout of the network is called __________________





TCP and UDP work on the ____________________ Layer of TCP / IP Mdoel





Which of the below is not a network topology?





__________________ is a theoretical networking model used for reference of communications.





_______________ device works on Layer 2 of the OSI Model





A network where a computers acts as both the server requestor and service provider is called _____________





A resource on a network is any device / item that is used in a network but the most broadly used one include which of the following?





________________ Layer arranges data into chunks called frames





________________ is a network where computers connect to other computers in same office or building





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