CompTIA A+ Practice Test 1

CompTIA A+ Practice Test 1

All the deleted file from a Windows operating system are placed in a __________________





The hard disk space minimum requirement ( free space) for Windows 7 32bit Operating System is ______________





Which if the below is /are a state of a Window or application Window?





An OS provides certain amount of processor cycles to each application and then forcibly take back processor time and provides it to some another application, this is known as ___________________





_______________________ is the ability to having multiple requests from a single application to the processor at one time.





In Windows 7 and Vista, the deleted files are stored in a folder named __________________





The start menu, taskbar and some program icons are seen on the _______________





A _______________ is a program that runs on top of an operating system and permits the user to run commands.





The minimum requirement of memory (RAM) for a Windows 7 64 bit Operating system is _________





Which of the below puts the computer in a hibernation state by saving the session that can be restored later but harddisk and the display are turned off ( Windows 7 or Vista)?





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