CompTIA A+ Practice Test 2

CompTIA A+ Practice Test 2

Which of the below are common file attributes?





The _______________ command uses ICMP and is used to get the route to a remote host. This also shows the number of hops to reach a destination.





_______________ is a feature in Windows to enhance the search capabilities on your drive. With this feature it becomes easy to search by date, name or other attributes.





Which of the below is not a type of File System?





The applets in Control panel can be opened using command in Run. What is the file extension of these files? ( Example to open a Date and time options from Control panel)





Types of Environmental Variables for System Properties, which from the below are correct environmental variables?





Which of the below is not a Windows Networking command line tool?





NTFS file system has some additional file attributes compared to FAT32. Which are they?





The ________________ command is used to troubleshoot remote host connectivity, it help send packets to a destination which in turn sends responses to the sender.





In Windows a feature called ________________ is used which has a copy of the system configuration at a given point of time.





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