CompTIA A+ Practice Test 3

CompTIA A+ Practice Test 3

The ________________ feature in Windows 7 Enterprise allows to use Drive Encryption for protection of files including the startup and logon files.





The ______________ command used for disk partitioning is now replaced by the DISKPART command in newer Windows versions.





For a system that is not starting fresh and but being resumed from a previous session which of the below file is called by the BOOTMGR?





The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM hive in registry and device drivers load and pass control to ______ file to complete the boot process.





Which of the below is not a Key boot file in Windows 7?





Which of the below file is related to the Security Subsystem in Windows?





An upgrade or Installation can be performed from which of the below sources?






Which of the below can be controlled using the Control Panel à Security Center in Windows Vista?





The first file that is used when Windows Vista Boots up is _________________





In Windows XP Unattended installation, the ________________ file is provided with the parameters like time zone, regional settings etc. so a user is not required to select or click the appropriate settings during the installation.





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