CompTIA A+ Practice Test 4

CompTIA A+ Practice Test 4

___________________ is a special file at the beginning of each hard drive which contains partition information for the HDD and also contains the beginning and end of each partition.





________________ boots the Windows Operating System with minimal set of drivers in order for the admin to diagnose the problem. Hint: F8 short key is used.





The _________________ type of Firewall either passes or blocks traffic based on the application type and port number used.





Which of the below are firewall functions?





In Windows XP, which is the first file to load during a boot process?





_________________ is a process where a partition is prepared to store data in a particular manner. Hint: It uses different file system.





The _______________ file in sits in the Root directory and specifies what Operating Systems are installed on the computer and on what location of the disk.





The __________________ firewall is also referred to as Dual- homed firewall and uses two NICs.





The ___________________ utility is used by having an exact image of an operating system on a master computer and this image can be then installed on other computers.





_________________ means being close to someone genuine while entering a building without needing to use any key or access card.





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